Briefly about our company: we are a trading company with relatively little experience in international supplies, but striving to enter foreign markets.

We launched an multilanguage export-oriented website in 2021, so many processes (price formation, VAT, delivery time and cost, as well as customs calculators) have not yet been implemented. But all this will be done with pleasure by the managers of our company, if you send us your request for

Send a request for the information you are interested in by e-mail and we will answer you as soon as possible (on average, it takes 2-3 hours during working hours at GMT + 3).

We deliver to the countries of Europe and the CIS countries within 3-4 days after receiving funds or signing a specification providing for a deferred payment.

We will provide samples of our products in almost any direction (except for industrial pumps and other large-sized equipment, of course).

Depending on the type of goods, their quantity and the target country, full or partial prepayment of the goods is possible.

Many of our products are already certified, some of them are in the process of certification or will be certified soon. If you are interested in a permanent partnership or you are interpreted by large volumes of supplies, we will take over the financial part of the certification issue in your country.

Any other questions? – send to, we are waiting for them

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