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Main stream

Flat roofs

Dowels, membranes, self-tapping screws, strips and slats …


Steel, insulated polyurethane foam, plastic and many others …

Expansion Joints

Waterstops, swelling cords, bentonite cords, hydrofobic joints….


Geotextile, Geomembranes, bentonite materials – low prices, fast delivery…

Fiberglass, basalt fiber, silica fiber...

In the assortment of our company there are more than 1000 products from glass fabrics, as well as modifications, baslt, silica and glass fabrics

Heat insulating materials

Basalt wool, extruded polystyrene foam, polystyrene …

How to?

If you kow what you want exact, please, send us an enquiry (name, quantity, terms of purchasing, dates) here: We’ll make an offer for you in next 1-3 working days.

Send us your request here:

Where we are

You can also contact us in other ways:

+ 7 (495) 155 68 45 – english speaking manager not always at office. – here you can request data sheets and other documentation – here you can clarify the export procedure, customs duties, tax deductions, as well as other issues related to accounting – in case you are faced with a poor-quality service from our side, you have suggestions or complaints

Main office:

Moskow region, Naro-Fominsk, Ploshad Svobody str. 10, 514

Additional office:

Moscow, Bolshoy Savinsky per. 9/2, 33

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